Why see a Daka?

To be held. To relax, to be cared for, and to know that you are protected. To be cradled in a safe and sacred space, surrounded by the divine masculine. To let down your constant vigil, your always-on-defenses. To surrender completely into your soft and feminine nature.

To feel. To reconnect with those parts of you which have been hurt, hiding, or long forgotten. To uncover in your physical body the emotional wounds that were inflicted upon your heart, your womb, your trust.

To release. To grow in your awareness of your senses. To awaken, to expand, to transcend old limitations. To express your emotions to the fullest extent conceivable. To feel yourself come alive and to be filled with waves upon waves and peaks of pleasure.

To be seen. To experience being you -- being fully you. To know that you will not be judged. To have a man witness you as you blossom into your fullest feminine power and to know that he will cherish you with reverence, awe and gratitude.

"Ours was one of the most precious encounters I have ever experienced. You were so present, so soft, so tender, so potent. Deep and magical - even shamanic. You were exactly what I needed. I will remember our time together for the rest of my life. Thank you, Koa..."
-- Lizbet, age 34

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