Who is Koa?

An Entrepreneur. As a successful, independent software developer and systems architect, Koa developed a reputation for precision and excellence.

A Martial Artist. As a black belt instructor of Shaolin Kung-Fu, Koa hardened his understanding of integrity and discipline while simultaneously developing an explosive mastery of his internal energy (called 'Qi' or 'Chi' by the Chinese).

A Yogi. As a devoted practitioner of Bhakti yoga, Koa continues to deepen his understanding of the spiritual practices of yoga and to cultivate his sensitivity to the healing energies of the body (which yogis call 'Prana').

A Daka. As an Advanced Certified Tantric Educator with Elite credentials from the Source School of Tantra Yoga, Koa is dedicated to the embodiment and delivery of tantric teachings in divine devotion to personal growth, profound healings, and ecstatic living.

"Thanks for being so considerate. I appreciated your attentiveness, gentleness and obvious proficiency. I've never experienced that level of attention."
-- Kelly, age 48

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