Where to begin?

On the phone. Koa offers free initial phone consultations! Spend 15 minutes on the phone or via a Skype conversation - and ask him anything you wish. Email Koa @ Tantric-Arts to schedule a call.

In person. Sessions are $500, and typically last about 2 hours. It's not about time - it's about results. The location can be determined when you contact Koa.

In paradise. Most people prefer to work with Koa in multi-day retreats which we call "VIP Immersions". These dream-vacations can take place absolutely anywhere in the world: sailing the Caribbean, beach-combing in Tahiti, enjoying the opera in Vienna - it's your choice! These intensive retreats are tailor-made for you (or for your partner too, if you are a couple). Release long-held trauma, call in your beloved, re-kindle lost passion, or whatever you choose. Together, we will create the perfect mix of tantric education, counseling, yoga, fun activities and - of course - deep and profound tantric body work. Immersions are $1000 / day plus expenses.

Where to find Koa?

Via mail. Koa can be reached via email at Email Koa @ Tantric-Arts

On line. Koa also keeps a personal FaceBook page at Koa Wood.

In class. Koa is a senior instructor at Tantra-Arts.com, and his schedule can be found at the Tantra-Arts tantra education events page.

"I've worked with several professional Dakas over the years, and I can tell you that my sessions with you have been the most powerful, the most transformative, and the most precious of them all. My relationship to my family, my children and to myself have forever been made more intimate!"
-- May, age 58


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