What to expect?

We talk. What brings you here? What intentions do you have for our time together? What questions do you have about tantra? How much of our time together we spend talking is largely up to you. Sometimes, a strong shoulder and a gentle ear are all that's desired.

We connect. A relaxing massage brings you comfortably into your body. Gifted hands and a loving touch gently invite you, delicately lead you, into a place of safety and peace.

We explore. As we go deeper, we discover if there are any knots, emotional or energetic scars, or old psychological wounds still stuck in your body. Blockages such as these can cause parts of your body to become desensitized, dulled. Have you ever noticed how sensitive a baby is to touch - how much they enjoy being tickled? This is our natural state! We will work together to remove blocks which prevent you from feeling into these wounded areas.

We claim. Now free from tensions and having released past pains, new sensations will flood into these long-forgotten parts of your body. Your ability to feel more deeply into your body allows you to feel more of your body - in greater ways that you have ever felt before. It is common in tantra to break through past limits and to feel orgastic pleasure for extended periods of time. No longer limited to short-peaked clitoral orgasms, women find themselves able to experience the deeper, fuller, vaginal orgasms which come in continual, limitless, fluid-filled waves of spirit-filled ecstasy. Celebrate in the wisdom that is the natural state of your female body. Radiate in this, the divine birth right of you, being a woman.

"Dear Koa, I don't know how to express my gratitude to you for providing such a sacred space during our sessions together. Before working with you, I would have never guessed that I would find the courage to look at those events from my childhood - I've avoided dealing with these issues my entire adult life! And now I can actually feel the weight of that trauma finally lifted! It's been 3 weeks since we worked together, and I still feel as light and happy as a feather - and yet still so grounded. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you..."
-- Candice, age 38


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